plus three (part 4)

December 19, 2012

april 11, 2012

me: hello, i'd like to schedule an i've had a few positive pregnancy tests, so... er, umm.. i'm just calling to see what the next steps are?
nurse: when was your last period?
me: march 14th
nurse: k hang on, let me see what we have available for your 8-10 week checkup
me: wait, i don't come in for a blood test to be sure?
nurse: nope, you have a normal history and no reason for concern, so we're good with the tests. we can just go with your positive pregnancy tests. [puts me on hold]
me: [quiet mind freak out moment- i thought i'd need a blood test to be sure sure! so now this is real? and we're doing this? and peeing on a stick with positive results just sealed my fate forever?!?! ok calm down, this is real. this is happening. you've been trying for this. omg! omg! omg! you're going to be a mom. that's scary! d's going to be a dad! that's trippy! WHHHOOOOOAAAA!
nurse: ok, how's may 17th at 10a?
me: uhm, ok if you think i don't need to come in any earlier, that will work.
nurse: great, we'll see you then. you can call back if you have any questions.
me: is there anything i should or shouldn't be doing between now and then?
nurse: don't drink or smoke and continue to exercise & eat well. other than that, we can go through more details during your visit. have a great day.

so, that's it! i'm pregnant! 6 tests over the past 4 days have confirmed it. after 6 months of trying, here we are. the funny thing is while we did everything at the right time this month, i didn't take any of the usual precautions. i didn't eat particularly well. i fell off my exercise routine a bit. i brought back drinking into my life. especially in kiawah. i drank a ton because i was sure it just wouldn't happen this month. i even frolicked in the hot tub. i just honestly didn't think about it. between crazy times at work and the kiawah trip, the two week wait came and went in a flash. in a muscle-relaxer induced sleep, i crawled out of bed on sunday morning thinking this is usually the time i test, so guess i should go ahead and try. after 3 minutes, i squinted my eyes and saw a faint second line indicating pregnancy. i immediately called d who was stunned and speechless! i met him for lunch, and we were surprisingly silent. i think we were just taking it all in. it's wednesday and things have started to sink into our minds. very, very, very slowly!

we're still cautious about telling the world even though there's a weird part of me that wants to tell everyone i know! i think i'll start leaking the news after we hear the heartbeat.

le bebe, that's the story of the beginning of the beginning. you're just a mere poppyseed right now. but you're already creating so much beautiful chaos and joy! oh the places we'll go......

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