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January 27, 2013

written december 19, 2012.

nina is two weeks old today! we've been taking it one feeding at a time, one nap at a time, and one diaper at a time. we're still overwhelmed, exhausted, giddy and completely in love with our little ladybird. she's a sweet and perfect little bundle of love.


december 4, 2012
10.10p: water broke while watching parenthood. david and i looked at each other in disbelief. i thought i might have peed by accident, but david knew right away what happened. i called the doctor who told us to go to the hospital but to take our time. we took about an hour to take a shower and gather all our stuff (luckily, we were pretty prepared) and called judy & mike to come watch bella overnight and be closer to the hospital. we were so speechless and jittery the whole time and in complete disbelief! throughout my pregnancy, i was just so sure my water wouldn't break, and i'd labor at home for ahwile through contractions. my type a personality was not prepared for all this!
11.30p: we were admitted to the hospital at 3-4 cm dilated and 80% effaced. i didn't start feeling contractions right away, but once i had all the precautionary needles in me, i started feeling them- around midnight. at first, i walked around the halls hoping that would progress the labor. then the pain started to get pretty heavy and intense and after throwing up and not being able to cope through them myself, i requested an epidural. STAT!

december 5, 2012
4.30a: i got the epidural when i was 6-7 cm, and it was the most amazing and crazy thing to almost instantly not feel that intense pain. i really wanted to be able to work through the pain for longer and was initially a little disappointed that i couldn't hack it, but i was pretty happy to have that sweet relief as soon it hit me. plus it ended up being invaluable with the pain that would've accompanied that third degree tear.... read on. after the relief, david and i tried to get some rest which is pretty difficult with all that adrenaline pumping through you!
7.15a: my parents got to the hospital and hung out with me while we became more and more anxious!
8.45a: the doc on call (dr. kleiss) came in while david left to get some breakfast and checked me and said i was 10cm and ready to push! what?! i was so ready to hear these words all night, and all of the sudden i was so scared. i frantically called david back. i've never needed him right next to me more than that minute. he was back in a flash. poor guy didn't even get his breakfast. i pushed three or four good pushes with david, my mom and the nurse until she crowned. then dr. kleiss came back in and worried us all by freaking out that the heartbeat was way down and thought the cord was wrapped around the neck. she was yelling at all the nurses for all these different things, and i was freaking out. i can't remember the last time i was so scared. but she instantly pulled out the vaccuum tool and within two pushes...
9.09a nina was born!
they took her away immediately because they were worried about her, but within a few minutes david brought her to me and i can't even describe the moment. it's blurry and hard to remember, but it felt like the room stood still, and i was in love. this little being that we created was laying on top of me instead of curled up inside me, and i was just so overwhelemed. two weeks later, and i still am! we were both in awe. tears of love and joy flowed.
i only had a few minutes with her on me, and she was back with the nurses and i was being sewn up. 45 minutes later, the doctor finished the stitches. with the quickness of the delivery combined with the vaccuum, i had a third degree tear and was thankful for that epidural. else, they'd just have local anesthesia that wouldn't have been nearly as effective. and that wasn't the time to feel anything but euphoric about nina. after another couple of hours of her getting her first bath and all her tests and trying breastfeeding, we were transported to the recovery room.

i was in the hospital until friday, december 7th. we had all of our family plus jackie, cheryl and anne come to visit. it was all just so perfect. and then they sent us home and forgot to send the manual with us...

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