plus three (part 3)

December 19, 2012

march 2, 2012

so as predicted, no dice last month. we just completed our 5th cycle of trying for junior le bebe. i started the basal body temperature method (taking your temperature every morning before getting out of bed) a couple of weeks ago before aunt flow reared her fugly head. mostly to make sure my hormone levels were functioning properly but honestly it's so cool to see the chart at different part of your cycle. pre-ovulation, your temperatures remain low and post-ovulation they spike until aunt flow. after just two weeks, it's hard to tell, but mine seem a little wonky. i have a general lower & higher pattern, but my post-ovulation temps slowly rise instead of spiking. i don't know if a- this is a pattern or if i'm just  having an odd month and b- if it's even abnormal to have a slow rise instead of a spike. either way, i'll continue charting until i get sick of it. seems like a lot of women find it to be a pain, but i actually find it really fascinating. our bodies are like one big magic trick to me. when my besties start trying for kids, i'll probably recommend this method + the opk method if they're up for it.

this two week wait is becoming easier every month. i've had enough cycles under my belt to know how my body reacts throughout the cycle. i'm still a little more on edge during this time, but i think it's getting better & better. i don't jump at every pang like i did the first couple of months. and i'll call that progress.

funny things during this baby making ride....
-the concept in general is weird. for your entire life, you're trying not to have get pregnant. and then once you decide you want to have a kid, you toss out all caution, and go for it and in just one cycle everything's different. you go from having anxiety attacks about a late period to being optimistic & giddy about a late period... from elated to see aunt flow to genuinely bummed to see her. such an engrained mentality changes literally overnight. it's wild.
-i've always been pretty aware of & comfortable with my body. but never to this extent! i feel for cervical mucus & position like it's as normal as peeing.
- because i've asked dr. google questions and read several womens' experiences on other sites, i'm familiar with so many new-to-me acronyms. my favorite are tww (two week wait), bd (baby dancing) and dh (dear husband. that one kills me!)
-the big O now stands for ovulation.

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