plus three (part 2)

December 19, 2012

so this weekend i thought i started to feel the early pregnancy symptoms that all the google experts claimed i would- cramps, nausea, increased peeing, a slight metallic taste in my mouth and extreme fatigue. i've since debunked my symptoms:
cramps- doing an ab workout and then claiming i have cramps the next day probably doesn't indicate le bebe. to be fair, i was really achy the next day, and totally forgot that i did some bodyweight exercises the previous day. wait, is that fair? i don't know, maybe it's just dumb.
nauseous*- waking up ravenous at 6a on saturday, choosing to do nothing about it and sleep in until 10a will probably result in slight nausea because your body is pissed at you for starving it. again, no indication of le bebe.
increased peeing- it's because you're drinking a shit load more water to prepare for le bebe, stupid.
metallic taste in my mouth- i can't explain this one except that maybe i just thought i felt that because i knew it could be a possible symptom. i'm a total crazy person. why are you even friends with me?! but don't rethink your decision. pretty please.
extreme fatigue- i love to sleep. this weekend's naps were particularly lovely. i don't know if this will ever be a "symptom" to me. 

sooo... i think i'm pretty much out this month, but honestly, under all my anxiety, i'm weirdly ok with it. trying is fun, i know my cycles pretty well now, and it's still early in our trying. after the 6th failed attempt, the doc said to come on in for further testing. so two more tries to go! and like i said previously, the blogosphere has really helped me. and emily's post today couldn't have come at a better time. it's nice to be back in reality.

* am i the only one out there that constantly misspells this word? can we just spell it 'nawshis' for idiots like me and call it good? i mean how many other 'seous' words are there out there anyway? don't think about it, i'm sure there are plenty. no need to kick me while i'm down.

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