tuesday favorites

February 7, 2012

some projects & posts i've spotted lately are just too great to keep all to myself!

- do you know jenny? she's AMAZING! her design aesthetic is bad ass. and she posts not only about design style but also amazing diy tips. check out this diy tufted headbaord project she did for another of my favorite blog ladies, joanna goddard. such helpful tips with pictures right?! don't you feel like you could go bust this out now? don't you want to go on a tufting spree now? {jackie, here's where your button making skills would shine!!}
- i love martha's crayon valentine's hearts. craft time!
- grapes wrapped in goat cheese and walnuts? yes please!
- i've been wanting this pair of trendy toms for awhile, but now maybe i want these? rawr!
- interesting infographic promoting a lower carb diet (click to enlarge). i'm trying, but it's sooo hard!
- pop a bottle cap with a piece of paper?
- i've been really wanting to get into meal planning. do you guys do it? we do alright, but advance thought would help us tremendously. ingredients for this deconstructed sushi salad is on the list!
- "are you the annoying guy at work?" seriously. allison at ask a manager is my worklife hero.


  1. Love this! More Tuesday favorites, please! More! More! More! :)

  2. i love tuesday favorites! i don't meal plan... i used to, but i find i often end up busy and/or going out, etc... and then food goes bad. I try to plan meals based on what comes in my CSA box but otherwise, fair game every couple days.


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