ch ch changes!

February 10, 2012

welcome! what do you think about the new look? i was getting bored with the old template, so i pretty much started from scratch, changed the web address and added a short about page. hope you like it!

happy friday! enjoy an addictive song from a badass movie with a delicious man.



  1. I like this...I see the potential. I see no "about" page though. Am I just over-anxious (as if I don't know about you)? :)

    1. thanks! oh, i linked to it above and the page link is at the very bottom of the blog now- next to the archives. for now, i want this space rid of sidebars with links and to just be a journal most of all. an online notebook to aggregate all the amazing things i see/hear/read + probably more of my take on current events. you know i can't keep my big mouth shut ;)


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