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December 19, 2011

just thought i'd poke in and share some things that have been tickling my fancy...

-  mindy kalig/kelly kapoor's take on leading ladies in romantic comedies is hilarious
- chai spice almond butter. i wonder if this tastes as amazing as it sounds
- a new-to-me health + fitness blog that looks grreeeat!
- do you like millet? you should! this skillet millet stuffing looks delicious
- reason #456,890,237,420 dogs are our best friends.
-in case you missed it, video of 25 ways to wear a scarf (via pinterest)
-12 happiness habits for busy people (via shutterbean)
-top 5 regrets of the dying (via reshma)

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  1. I love when you write here! This one snuck up on me! Good thing I checked my reader...More please!


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