tuesday favorites.

May 31, 2011

lately, i'm in a constant whirlwind at work {insert spinning hamster}, so it's nice to daydream and crush over lovely things to do or have. let's keep this going...

-mason jar meals = brilliance {via cup of jo}
- i know i'm late on this, but i'm eager to read bossypants
-if i ever get to sewing again, i'm making this skirt!
-fast art that i must try to recreate!
-i really need these. i'm a listoholic.
-hilarious thank you notes {via cup of jo}
- can't wait to visit atlanta's new food park! {thanks to queen b for the link}

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  1. Oh my gosh, as if I needed another reason to eat in Atlanta...a food park?!? we're so there! Could there be a more perfect place for us?


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