tuesday favorites.

May 23, 2011

maybe i'll start a small weekly favorites list. maybe i'll stick to it. maybe it'll look something like this.
- stacy's triptych salad posts. can't wait for tonight's final installment!
- annie sloan's chalk paint {via from the right bank}. can't wait to paint the coffee & bedside tables.
- a jobby job post from an extremely insightful career blog. {thanks to indira for turning me on to it!}
- bridesmaids. i was intrigued by a recent nyt article, and jackie's bday was the perfect reason to see it in the theatres. the irish & british accents didn't hurt things either.
- d loves general tso's, and this month's food & wine magazine makes it pretty accessible. then i saw this challenge, and now i can't really wait to try it!

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  1. Aaahh, thanks for loving my triptych! :) I ate the rest of it today for lunch! :) And I am so going to see Bridesmaids this weekend. I have heard so much about it - your recommendation seals the deal! :)


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