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June 6, 2011

{blogger hates me and wouldn't let me post this yesterday}

it's weird how these have become my only posts here. i do have more to share than things i covet, but i'm still trying to figure out what to say here versus there. was going to make a post about work but don't know how smart that would be given the interweb's lack of anonymity. so while i figure out just how i want to use this space for my {4!} dear readers, i give you this week's favorites...

- it was yours after all!?!? oh, come on, weiner! you can't make this shit up people!
- summer cookbook list. though i have a serious cooking crush on heidi and will own her book one of these days, i actually am equally intrigued by the other vegetarian goodie.
- a useful resumé critique. it's time i updated mine!
- some easy growing green. or how about indoor citrus!
- edamame pesto. we recently had grilled edamame that was amazing. since we aren't allowed a grill, wondering if broiling it would have the same delicious effect?
- i've got a couple of big pieces i'd like to paint... maybe milk paint is the way to go?!
- stacy really turned me on to embroidery over the past couple of years, so i'm really excited about needlework by anna maria horner {my sewing hero}.
- need to make these for the csa pick-ups!

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  1. I never thought about embroidery, but the sure looks like fun! xoxo


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