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June 1, 2009

-farewell, general motors.
-air france flight was swept away in thunderstorms en route to paris. tears.
-a little girl found in russia appears to have been raised by dogs and cats. wtf?!
-dick cheney opens his mouth again; he fake-supports gay marriage by saying of his daughter's gayness: "is it something we have lived with for a long time." why is he still ruining my news? lock this shit up already.
-speaking of hot topics, dr. george tiller was allegedly murdered by an anti-abortionist in a church because he performed abortions. if you're anti abortion, seems like you're somewhat concerned for the sanctity of life... and maybe even driven by a religious belief. so why would you kill someone in a church? this story just pisses me off.
-when i'm having my version of a bad life day, news sites unfailingly hand me a reality check. today, i got a swift kick in the ass from this diary of a pakistani man fleeing his town along with thousands of others.
-random, but i love these recycled, hipster wallets on
-i'm not the hugest fan of bear grylls, but add will ferrell into the mix and i bet this episode of man vs. wild will be hilarious!
-uhm, why do we need daniel craig in popsicle form? i'm serious.
-for all my blushing friends, thanks for caring!
-phew, i'm not an alcoholic.
-in summary, d and i saw the same ufo this guy did above piedmont park a few blocks down from my place. it's true!

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