i relayed.

May 20, 2009

so, i think i romanticized the idea of working for a non-profit. i just thought most everyone would be passionate about the mission. i was so sorely mistaken. turns out, the majority is just like any other corporate employee that doesn't give a shit about the company, the mission or the cause. this year, i was volunteered to be co-captain of the finance department's relay team. and i had people look me in the eyes and tell me they didn't care about fundraising for acs. mind you, acs does not have any significant endowments or government money, so we solely rely on donations. knowing this, if you worked here, wouldn't you feel like you owe it to them to give a little back to them? i mean even if you don't feel particularly connected to fighting cancer, wouldn't you feel compelled to fight for your paycheck? executive management issued a challenge to all acs employees to raise at least $100 per person. people, that's just asking 10 people for $10. that's asking 10 people to give up a cheap dinner for a night. only about 15% of the employees did that. WTF?!
anyway, so needless to say, it was like pulling teeth to get my "teammates" to participate in fundraising events, but i thought for sure, at the actual event (where no real money has to be shelled out), they'd be more interested. there was free food and drinks and plenty for everyone to do. again, i was wrong. they didn't even come out for the freaking team lap because they "don't care."
anyway, i guess i kind of digressed from the original point of my post, but my disappointment continues to get the better of me. my point is actually a much more positive one. i relayed for the first time, and i loved the idea of it. i do love the company. the executives are all passionate and seemingly friendly folks, so i'm optimistic about the tone at the top. and at least i feel like i'm moving in the right direction....

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  1. You rock! I am so proud of you for leading the way and rallying even though your "team" was not havin' it. You're the best!


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