destination: seagrove.

June 2, 2009

thanks to d's parents' beachside condo, we have been to seagrove beach twice in 8 months. since neither of us had been to a beach in years before these visits, we thoroughly enjoyed both of our trips. during our last trip in april, the only hitch in our giddyup was that bella was not allowed on the beach. although it was disappointing at first, she enjoyed basking in the sun on the balcony and people watching so much that it didn't even seem to be a problem that she wasn't on the actual beach.
seagrove is right next to seaside which was where the truman show was filmed. and true to the movie, everything is picture perfect... the walkways, the gardens, and the incredible houses. on the other side of seagrove we discovered alys beach. if we thought seaside was posh, it was nothing compared to this. alys caters to the ultra-rich with its mediterranean-modeled stark white buildings, non-cluttered streets, one coffee shop (which we've been to), and amazing caliza pool. so we definitely got to walk around some really amazing beach towns.
while being boughie is nice and all, there's something to be said for just sitting on the balcony or lying on the beach and listening to the waves. which was how the majority of both trips were spent. can't wait to go back...

see our pics: sept 08 & apr 09.

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