my first pillow.

April 13, 2009

so, i'm embarrassed to say i bought my first sewing machine exactly a year ago in an attempt to fall in love with a new hobby and still haven't made anything pretty to look at...until now. at stacy's (my craft coach) nudging, i finally finished my first pillow. i used stacy's awesome tips (start from the middle of a side instead of a corner, turn corners with pressure foot down and use pillow stuffing instead of a pillow form) and voila! at first, i was a bit disappointed by the obviousness of the hand stitching on a little part of one side, but now i think i'm over it. it's my first one, so hopefully i'll get a bit better as i go. and hopefully i have more motivation to continue on with other sewing projects. martha, watch out! ok, just kidding.


  1. That is BEAUTIFUL!! Good job, Radhi!!! I can't wait to see what you whip up next!

  2. cool! kevin owned a sewing machine when i met him. he made all the curtains in his house & a slip cover for his sofa. that first year dating, i also made him sew my halloween costume :) sewing is cool! and your pillow is fabulous!


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