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April 20, 2009

bella just pooped.
i just washed my hands.
i'm eating tofurkey.
oops, i spilled ketchup!
ok, i wiped it off. phew!
oops, i just burped.

bored with this crap? yea, me too. people, wtf in goony goo goo is going on with this twitter business? i'm just so confused. so wait.. email, text messages, blogs, and social networking sites aren't enough spaces for exhibitionism? now we need even more detailed and instantaneous updates on someone's life? and aside from the self-indulgence, pretty soon, we're not even going to need to talk to people anymore! i could be like oh hey sally, how'd your day go, and she'd just make some gesture meaning "uhm, just go look at my twitter because i don't have time to explain to you what i did all day when i already updated my twitter site. duh." maybe i'm just jealous because i have nothing exciting happening to twitter about? unlike ellen, oprah, ashton...and even obama. and just when you think only people twitter. think again, my friend. nyt, google, and many other non-people tweet. if you're into it, ok i guess. but maybe we should reconsider our friendship. twit!

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  1. No kidding. I think Jake's apartment building will start twittering soon. After all, they already have a Facebook page!


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