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May 29, 2008

-sony found some really cool photographs of some choice recording artists.
-nepal says, goodbye monarchy, hello republic.
-i'm really proud of california (and sorta new york) for moving toward letting people marry whoever they so desire. it's about damn time.
-so there's this "miracle" fruit that supposedly once eaten makes everything else taste sweeter. sounds crazy i know, but don't you wanna try it now?
-i love dunkin' donuts just as much as the next guy, but i think they're being a tad on the ridiculous side thinking a scarf will make rachel ray look like a terrorist. wait but if it means i have to look at her annoying face less, well, maybe i am for this decision...
-and you drunkards thought vodka was only for drinking. now you can get more bang for bucks spent on your favorite liquor.
-these have got to be jokes. GOT TO BE!
-there might be a viable solution to all our plastic bag polluting. well done, 16 year-old.
-here's grandma supporting obama. priceless. (thanks indira!)

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