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June 2, 2008

apparently nothing in my life has been exciting enough to tell you about, so i'll link you to other news instead...
-did you just call the spelling bee champion a numb nut!?
-get ready for the asian invasion. do you think brownies get discounts on jaguars now? cause that would be sweet!
-dearest hillary, the jig is up.
-these helped me realize mine's probably better than i think. but truth be told, i too would boast about eating a record-setting 45 eggs in 2 minutes. yipes!
-oops, i guess you better put that vitamin water down.
-oh google, does your charm know no end?
-are we just as consistently negligent as china when it comes to human rights?!?!
-speaking of china. do you have a std? oh, you do? yeah, you can't come to the olympics. sorry. thanks.
-finally, oh my my, does s e x sell?!

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