tuesday favorites

April 17, 2012

i'm baaaccck! work has been stupid and then i had an amazing vacation and then other life stuff. but now i'm back!

-cauliflower pizza crust? this looks delicious.
-homemade mustard on roasted carrots.
-buttermilk french toast.
-grilled cheese with a fried egg, kale pesto and avocado?!!?!? i need this in my mouth. now.also jim's roasted apple nut bread looks incredible.
-creamy avocado veggie pasta. i've been eating avocados like their going out of style lately. can't get enough!
-we're testing an organic/local produce delivery service this week, so another meal planning push came at the perfect time!

a boat load of workout videos! i just removed all my excuses.

- ryan gosling can save me from a speeding cab anyday. :p
-HILARIOUS tumblr of dog sending owner texts (dog in white bubble, owner in green). enjoy!

uhm wow this a food heavy post. i'll try to do better next week. i just love food so much!

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  1. Uh, is food heavy bad 'cause I was really enjoying it. You had me at cauliflower. :)


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