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October 14, 2011

{top 9 pins since i joined last monday!}

much to my productive self's dismay, i'm officially obsessed with pinterest. know about this madness? basically you have virtual bulletin boards (organized any way you choose) where you can "pin" anything you're interested in, i.e., a fun recipe, a cool craft, an awesome outfit, a beautiful house. whatever you'd like. i've pretty much stuck with just "re-pinning" other people's bulletin boards but you can pin anything you see on any website. the best part is the endless inspiration that is now always at your fingertips. i used to either copy the link & send an email to myself or bookmark the page & end up with tons of fun things i never really took the time to get back to. with this, it's so nice because everything is organized right there for you. interested? see my page. still interested? ask me for an invite to get started on your new obsession!

deets on my top 9 pins
1st row- two cute outfits & bangs to envy. wish i could have bangs like that!
2nd row- new fun scarf method, diy chalkboard paint, easy instructions for a gallery wall
3rd row- party foods! pop a chocolate chip in a raspberry{duh!}, mini baked spinach dip goodness, baked chickpeas {c, i'm thinking pre-holiday party munchies!}
bonus because i like round numbers- personalized peacock toms!

exciting stuff, people! see more of my favorites on my boards!

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  1. That's so funny! I was just looking at Heidi's recipe for roasted chickpeas! :) Great minds think alike...


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