tuesday favorites.

July 26, 2011

{it's still tuesday here! go with it....}

news-y stuff:
- first, this article for a basic "how we got here" & a piece on how credit agencies have hugely contributed to this. {also, you should watch inside job}
- second, this awesome mock presidential address on the whole "crisis". the comment section is intense.
- thirdly, wtf government?! have you gone mad?! mr. president, please grow a pair and take matters into your own hands whether or not the crazies support you. increase the debt ceiling and pass a bill that incorporates both ending tax cuts to drive revenue and spending cuts to reduce spending. why is this so hard to understand? i'm a political idiot, and i get it.
- i'm crying for you, norway.
- i'm not crying for you amy winehouse, but i loved your music.

not news-y stuff:
- brown butter peach crumble bars. get in my belly!
- not your mama's grilled cheese. my mouth says yes, but my stomach says no. :/

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  1. Yum! We've got to make those bars! Oh! What about rhubarb crumble??? Yes!


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