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July 15, 2011

i'm no good at this. it's a fact, and i own it. i do wish to be better, because i love documenting things here. maybe one day. maybe not one day.

- did you know about u-pick lavender fields? me neither! stacy shows & tells everything you didn't know about it. {her coop also just won 1st prize for coolest coop in the universe. or it was acknowledged as one of the coolest in seattle. can't remember which}
- speaking of seattle, how cool is this giant jenga game!
- tsk, tsk, atlanta! stop the t-shirt frumpiness, and step it up!
- i've talked about chalk paint before, so fingers crossed i get chosen from ally's awesome giveaway! no more procastinating on painting the coffee & bedsides tables!
- rustic wooden laptop skins?! yes please! {via designsponge}
- i'm currently yearning for another tattoo, so maybe these could keep my itch at bay for awhile. love the colorburst one! {again via designsponge}
- my mind wandered in a meeting in a coworker's office earlier, and i spotted a kate spade card that read "she is quick and curious and playful and strong." that's me! ok not really, but it's a lovely & unique way to describe a classy lady.
- dear dairy, it's oh so hard to quit you. but maybe this "cheesy" vegan dip could help?
- and since work is driving me to be a boozy, i'm always looking for new cocktail recipes. got any? doesn't this triple berry mojito look delicious? {oh! that site is a new favorite food blog!}
- let's all do these work exercises and not look silly together, mmm k? k! {wait, but maybe not the sitting on an excerise ball thing. i do love them to work out, but i'm not ready for those to be a workplace norm!}

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  1. Love all of these and love your commentary! Man, it makes me miss you more though. I can totally hear your voice. And hello! You ARE totally all those things on that Kate Spade card. And more...


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