jet lagged.

February 27, 2011

my mind is still away while i recover from reverse culture shock. but while we're still uploading the complete set of over 800 pictures, just wanted to share some insights while still fresh...

-don't think i've ever felt as safe during a journey as i did during the plane trip to india with two of the most important men in my life.
-i felt an instant connection and comfort upon our arrival into customs. i know it's understandable and explainable, but still unexpected. it was warm and cozy in a way i don't often feel stateside.
-despite having 100% indian features, dressing the part, and remaining silent. they'll pick me out. instantly.
-silly and dumb, but i grew even fonder of my tattoo. it's based on a flower my dad drew for me several years ago, which was no doubt influenced by the basic lotus pattern everywhere in indian architecture and design.
-i deeply missed my mom and my bella.
-the ubiquitous head nod is contagious. within 12 hours, d asked about it. within a week, we were both doing it.
-taj mahal=mind blown.
be back with itinerary and link to the pics sooner than later. sweet dreams.
UPDATE 3/9 : links to itinerary and full pictures. enjoy!


  1. just have to say you are one of the neatest people I know! looking forward to seeing photos of your journey to the motherland!

  2. So great to be reading your blog posts again! Makes me feel at home, somehow. :)


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