snow day {part 3}

January 12, 2011

day 3 started with another delicious meal
by d while i was on a conference call.
while i worked furiously on spreadsheets,
d worked just as hard in cubase.
and b played with her bff, squirrely.
lunch was a yummy semi-homemade indian meal,
followed by another visit next door!
where we spotted gawkers who laughed as cars
and people slipped all over the ice. eeek!
we played with camera settings, enjoyed a few drinks,
and toasted to another fun snow day!

and now we're ending our night with the best
green tea ever and the fun feist documentary!


  1. Wow, that's a lot of snow days!

  2. Oh my gosh, I so wish I could have been there to share a beverage. You guys are so freakin' cute. And the stripes and red boots? That's my girl!

  3. I wish we had a bar we could have walked to! It's been a looooong week over here! Glad you're enjoying it! xo


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