and friday, i'm in love.

May 7, 2010

currently crushing.....
-this birthday (or any occassion) idea to blow up a picture, cut it into cards, send it to the person's loved ones to write a note and send it back, and the person puts it together like a puzzle. brilliant.

-this easy & healthy cauliflower snack that i will be making as soon as possible. along with these squash fries.

-this crafty idea to use hole punches on fabric to make cards. well played, martha!

-this homemade ginger-ale recipe. mmm....yes please!

-this important advice. (and i enjoy all of her thoughts of the day posts)

-this crazy cool hipstomatic iphone app. since i don't have an iphone, genius d figured out how to recreate it using photoshop. vintage-y photos, i heart you.

-these scented geraniums!!! (hi stacy! you need some of these!)

-this peony season!! peonies and ranunculus have become some of my favorites!

and... happy teacher's appreciation week to all my favorite teacher friends!!!

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