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August 18, 2009

-hmm, so maybe i did learn from my saturday morning cartoons.
-kim dae-jung, former south korean president, died. in his 85 years, he won the nobel peace prize for persistently seeking reconciliation with north korea through his 'sunshine policy'.
-90% of your money is drugged.
-strep throat may have killed mozart, and that's quite sad.
-the healthcare debate hurts my head.
-f**k cancer. bring on the nanobees!
-i'm happy he's at least standing for something, though i still don't understand why gay marriage is even a political/legal issue. separate but equal nonsense all over again.
-my brother called it mental toughness. the government calls it mental resiliency. i call it a necessary and overdue program... especially after d and i watched the (fictional) hurt locker this weekend. those soldiers at least deserve some therapy.
-a friendly reminder that not all dogs are as sweet & cute as ours.
-so long reader's digest, my mom will be sad.
-automatic sliding door fail.
-upcoming hipster movie alert: my son, my son, what have ye done?
-some pretty for your day: flowery plants.

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