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August 12, 2009

*all pics by jake's mad photog skillz. (thanks jake!)

this weekend was one of the best weekends of my life. sound dramatic and ridiculous? well it should because it was! i celebrated my birthday a week in advance because stacy & jake so graciously extended their layover to hang out in atlanta for a day! but before i get there...
on saturday, i had two beautiful surprises for my celebratory weekend. lynn popped out on anne's porch and surprised me in the morning. we had brunch, pedicures and a lovely time catching up. when i went home, sheila was dancing in my living room!! my breath was officially taken away. we had a fantastic saturday evening and ended up all playing board games at anne's place until the early morning. then came sunday gameday-birthday-extravaganza! i dropped sheila off at the airport and picked up stacy & jake. my happiness level to be around two of my too-far-away best friends within the same hour was inexplicable. still can't describe it. shortly after that, game day festivities began! it was a blast. and i have to say that all my friends are amazing for sticking it out in the insane heat.
the next day d & i tried to show stacy & jake some of crunklanta through a king center visit, a driving tour of some of our hoods/burroughs/wards, mandatory bbq, and drinks at sunset atop the sundial (pause for oohs and ahhs). sheila asked me which birthday has been the best, and this one has definitely taken the cake (pun intended). and that's just part 1... of as many parts as i want. ;)
i am so lucky to be so loved.

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