i'm not a natural...

July 15, 2009

when i started this whole forcing-myself-to-fall-in-love-with-sewing-as-my-hobby thing, i just assumed i'd be good at it. i love fabric colors, textures and patterns. i love pillows and drapes. i love clothes. i love the nerdiness required to measure the perfect piece. so, i thought i'd so obviously be inclined for this craft. but i thought wrongly. apparently, the sum of those parts doesn't equal the whole. last night was my second class at the beehive. and it was then and there that i sadly realized that i'm not a natural...

all that said, deborah, the instructor was very motivating and definitely sensed that we were all frustrated with the handmade bias tape project. and she actually gave me a reality check and said that most beginner sewers (mistakenly) just feel like they should naturally be good at sewing, but since there are so many components to it, you have to practice. and i think since the fundamentals of sewing are more structured than creative, i have to first grasp the basic skills (comfort with cutting, pressing & stitching straight lines!) before i can manifest into reality the artsy, dancing visions i have of fabric being whipped into something magical.

i still heart it. don't get me wrong. it's just not as easy and effortless as i thought it would be. and i'm not as good at it as i really/wrongly thought i would be. and that just makes the motivation level a little harder to access for me. but i envision myself being inspired by all kinds of new and fun things. and i envision myself making fun clothes and house stuffs. i just have to be patient and be willing to put in the time. i'm working on it...

in my search for good sewing resources, i stumbled on loads of blog gems this week. here are just a few...

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  1. Don't give up hope! You can do this! Fun and beautiful projects await. :)


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