destination: seattle

June 29, 2009

it had been four and a half years since i'd been back to seattle, so a visit was overdue. this time i went with d to show him my seattle... which turns out is actually very limited since i didn't have a car in undergrad! but since my seattle experience left a huge impression (and i'd like to think shaped me for the much better), it was semi-important to me for him to see where i spent three of my formative years. aside from that and most importantly, i missed my seattle bffs!!! funny how seeing them last week has only made me miss them more...

a breakdown of our trip in the best way i know... lists! hyperlinks! colons! bold print! oh my!

day 1: picked up our sweet rental cruiser (as in pt). drove to alki beach for an awesome view of the skyline. then over to pike place market for crepes, browsing the crazy souvenirs and the best tea tasting experience ever (highlight). and then a trip to the wallingford farmer's market with stacy to get some goodies for our amazing dinner on friday. night 1: got lost driving over to queen anne (see aforementioned limited knowledge of the seattle area). finally got to see mei ling who took us to blue c sushi. the sushi comes out on a conveyor belt, and there are plenty of veggie options. i'm sold! went driving around and enjoyed views from queen anne. side note: you can find amazing views in every borough of seattle-such a difference from the hoods of atlanta... day 2: the most packed day! got to spend the whole day with stacy and anne! walked around the most beautiful campus in the world, visited my favorite spot-gasworks park- in the world, and wandered the sculpture garden. night 2: saw stack practice double dutch (highlight), and watched david brewer and the intimidators melt faces. ok well he's a blues musician, so not so much melt as rock souls. anyway, it was awesome. i was so happy that i finally got to see him (highlight). day 3: brunch at coastal kitchen with anne. explored volunteer park with anne and bernie!! (highlight). ventured out to the consumer-haven otherwise known as u-village. night 3: went back to stacy's and had the best meal of the trip complete with goodies from her garden (which i got to help harvest!) and good company (highlight). day 4: yummy brunch to start our day and then off to the fremont summer solstice parade/fair! the parade had the annual naked bicycle riders painted in various themes of their choice. oh behave! then walked through the market around the various artists/food booths. then got to see the main act: on the double performed! it was awesome! evening 4: margarita happy hour then back to stacy's for an early dinner of tasty leftovers and bedtime. our airport shuttle was picking us up at 4.30a sunday morning!
so, it was an amazing trip. i wish it could have been longer. i sometimes even wish i still lived there. but then i think of mira & arjun, and just vow to visit seattle as often as possible. definitely more than this once every 4.5 years plan!
i love you, seattle!
*d's and my pics.


  1. Seeing you again made me miss you more too! I vow to come to Atlanta more often too. :)

  2. Yeah we've got to see each other more! Seattle is not as much fun without you (although it is still my favorite place to be). I really want to come see you and meet bella once I have this whole job thing taken care of.


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