plug: dyson.

March 31, 2009

so, recently, my bank told me i had an escrow overage and returned a sweet amount of money to me. i was responsible with 70% of it and paid down mortgage/bills and contributed to relay for life. then i got b a cute eco-friendly crate pad, since she's chewed through her current blanket. and then i got a little something for myself. now people, i'm not usually into spending money on fancy appliances or gadgets.. or anything really. that disclaimer made, i've gone through 2 nice-ish vacuums in as many years, and i was becoming quite aggravated with not having clean carpets even after thorough vacuuming. so instead of spending another 100-ish bucks on a worthless piece of poo, i did my research and made a huge investment: i bought a dyson! i used it almost as soon as i got home (thanks for putting it together, d!), and it rocked my cleaning world. i was actually kind of grossed out by how much gunk i was walking around in. i filled the canister thing 5 times before there was no more dirt! on one rug, we could actually see the difference in color in the vacuumed and non-vacuumed side. yipes! i was giddy to have such noticeably clean carpets. so, i'm happy to report that it seems like all the hype is well deserved. this machine is a fabulous beast. end plug.

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  1. You are so cute to be justifying your vacuum purchase. You deserve all the kick-ass vacuums in the world (and more). You work your butt off all the time. I love you tons!


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