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December 10, 2008

click to enlarge. tee hee.
- dear blagojevich, you may actually be stupider than bush. congratulations. you're a [expletive] idiot. even though illinois is seemingly fraught with corruption, obama may have played an important role in this governor's fall by urging the passing of an ethics bill. keep it up, b.
- brace yourself, joe the idiot is ghost-writing a book. umm, why is joe the non-plumber still even getting airtime?!
- in february 2007, a mother murdered her 5 children by slitting their throats. she is now on trial. there are no words.
-scientists discovered a black hole "four million times more massive than the sun." i feel like i should be concerned about this.
- where's waldo!? i know i'm going to burn in whatever hell i may or may not believe in for this, but it's ok to chuckle at this, right? focus on the middle left of the picture.
- oops! does this little girl need to go back to spelling class?
- goodnight, kitty cats.

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