December 15, 2008

so, i've been talking about getting a tattoo on the inside of my left wrist for years. i wanted one there even before i got the one on my arm. but when i went back to seattle in 2001, stacy drew the sweetest, most perfect butterfly, and it was completely befitting. so for my next one, i had high standards...hence the 7 year gap. over the past year or so, i got the itch again and finally found a design i loved- a star flower with nine petals that reminds me of a sketch my dad drew for me years ago. yay i was finally ready! so, i went by myself on a dreary (read: rainy+cold=gross) wednesday was the perfect tattoo-gettin weather. bill, my tattoo artist, was friendly enough after i made sure he knew that i was anal and wanted this to be perfect. it's quite an experience when you walk into the place and give this dainty little pattern to a tattoo-covered giant. i really think he didn't know what to do with me at first. he said "wow, i never really work on people that are so precise about their design." that shocked me, but after thinking about all the horrible tattoos out there, i guess that's actually not so hard to believe. after telling me that my wrist was bumpy and it was never going to be perfectly symmetrical, i said "ok then, let's do this, bill." to which he replied, "man, you're silly." he teased me a couple of times during the process and would yell out an "oh shit" here and an "uh oh" there. but in less than 10 minutes of short-lived pain, i had another beautiful tattoo that i was in love with. for those that are anti the permanence of tattoos, i can't explain why people get them. in fact, when i think about it, what in the world would make me want to get something permanently etched into my skin? it defies logic and rational thought. so i can completely understand not ever wanting one. nonetheless, the rush of endorphins after getting one that i've wanted for almost 10 years is undeniable. that feeling is one i've only felt when getting tattooed. and because i now relate tattoos with this indescribable rush, i'm hooked...


  1. I'm so glad you still like the butterfly. I love the new one! Kind of makes me want to get another one. :)

  2. i think for you next one you should get the tasmanian devil! or maybe tweety bird ;) love the new one!


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