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August 26, 2008

-oh man. i totally heart jon stewart and his candidate stock tracker. don't you?
-while you're thinking about the candidates, why not learn who's worth how much? (awh, barack, you look so cute down there!)
-i've been away from politics for a bit, but the dnc had some choice moments last night. i look forward to barack's inevitably charming speech on thursday.
-happy 88th anniversary to vote, women! now, don't let her down... you better vote on november 4th. chaps and chicks, we all must vote.
-i know the assassination plot was a false threat, but still, it completely blows that we have to be so vigilant about this. dear racists meth heads, wtf is wrong with you?
-pbs is producing a new show featuring gwyneth paltrow and mario batali driving around spain eating, laughing and having fun. looks like it would be a blast. freaking celebrities. no fair.
-i'll never be able to afford something like this, but doesn't this sound like an idyllic way to dine?
-hi! do you feel like reading a book with real paper and a spine is just too old-school? well, here's a site to help find some free online books!
-kudos to burger king's advertising groups. first the hilarious king and now this billboard comedy. oh, and this beer bottle's ad is pretty clever too.
-happy 30th birthday, lil lego man!!

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