August 28, 2008

dear mom & dad, thank you so much for being smart enough 25 years ago to not enroll siva and me in the public schools in our clayton county district. i always know how much i owe you for that, but it's usually not shoved in my face like it was today. so, as much as i had my own issues with my schooling, they were nothing compared to what these clayton county kids are going through now.

dear clayton county school board members, you have failed. for the first time since 1969, an entire county's school system has lost its accreditation. i don't know enough about the education system. i don't know who's to blame and who's not to. but i'm sure it can't be easy for high-school students to deal with the fact that they may graduate with worthless diplomas. there were 9 mandates set forth by the national accreditation committee to meet over 6 months, and you only met one of them. wtf? we don't have time for your stupid blame games. and we don't even have time to figure out why this bullshit happened in the first place. i know if you meet the mandates by may 2009, the current seniors can graduate on time and your accreditation will be retroactive, as if it never happened. so get your board members straight, stop your nonsense, and just fix it.

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