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June 24, 2008

-someone took the time to create an interactive map of the political blogosphere, and it's quite impressive. (but go make me a pie (!) because this takes a few minutes to load.)
-a compilation of several sites where you can buy, sell, trade, snag shit.
-i'm still in the midst of deciding how i feel about the whole no public financing thing, but damn it republicans, at least freaking play fairly. what's the matter with y'all? honestly. a bunch of selfish hypocrites. whoa. too far?
-oh slap-on cell phone bracelet, where were you when i was 13 and wearing these!?
-open mouth. insert don imus's foot.
-gizmodo video takes us into the lego vault!! *junbug, that one's for you!
-annoyed with blurry photos because of your shaky hands? me too! maybe these tips will help keep us steady.
-someone hilariously google mapped driving directions from california across the south pacific to australia. it actually works too!
-oh for crying out loud, stop your bitching and go cut your nails. you're bringing my gender down.
-awwhhh crap, but i love my screensaver slide show! ugh. the things i freaking do to go green.
-i blog therefore i am noble. so true.

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