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June 17, 2008

so, i don't follow sports. never have really. a little basketball here, some tennis there. but overall i'm much more of a bandwagon fan than anything. now i know the nba finals don't appeal to most, but for some reason, almost every year, i get so sucked in. the energy, the butt- slapping, the lip-licking, the crowds, the cockiness, the finals' commercials. all of it. i hate it. i love it. so my excitement started early this year with the hawks taking the celtics to 7 games in the playoffs. and now the celtics have dominated the finals. and i can't help but have really wanted them to smash the lakers from the beginning. mostly because i didn't want the hawks to have played so hard just to have lost in vain. but also, i kinda heart doc rivers who also played for the hawks. and despite the fact that i have a huge amount of respect for kobe's talent and his mvp status, i pretty much think he's an a-hole. maybe it's unfounded, maybe it's deserved, but for whatever reason, i really don't like the guy. anyway, i thoroughly enjoyed this year more than most. and i'm actually a little sad that it's over. and a blow out at that!

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