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May 18, 2008

-come out, come out wherever you are. aren't you getting tired of this whole "i have the ability to blow you up, so don't mess with me" charade? i mean isn't it a bit cowardly to hide and make these videos just so we don't forget that we're still looking for you? i'm just asking. don't hurt me.
-i wish i were as rhythmically inclined as this
drummer. and you gotta love his shirt.
-pay no mind to the unending wars, poverty and hunger epidemic, and natural disasters of the recent past, because we really need to resolve the issue of the
half-naked mermaid on the starbucks logo. seriously, what's wrong with people?
-proof that it takes all kinds of
crazies to keep the earth rotating.
-oh dear, this is what happens when google becomes your main source of research.
-i hate
junk mail just as much as the next guy, so hopefully these tips will help reduce the mess. (ps. here are more direct links to dma and opt out of credit applications which were both mentioned in the article.)
-apparently, i'm a
rebel. and so are you. don't pretend you don't cyberstalk.
-while we're law-breaking, let's
beat speeding tickets too.
-need some grandma wisdom in the kitchen? these tips might help you.
immigrants are definitely not having the best week ever.
-apparently bjork isn't the only one from her
motherland drinking the happy juice.
-unfortunately, rising
food prices don't justify eating unhealthily. damn.
-as if we needed more proof that she's a nut, amy stars in this new video,
winemouse. besides her cracked-out comments, is anyone else concerned about how they got their hands on these mice in the first place?!

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