einstein, this one's for you.

April 4, 2008

using a large hadron collider, a group of scientists is hoping to re-create the events (on a teeny, tiny particle level) that occurred a trillionth of a second following the big bang. while a couple of people believe that it could mean the apocalypse by creating an earth-swallowing black hole, most scientists believe that this ground-breaking experiment could explain the nature of the physical universe in a way we have yet to comprehend.
i know, i know. you're thinking 'this is so hokey and sci-fi,' right? but listen, this could mean huge and awesome discoveries that help to explain the so far unexplainable. basically its potential implications could explain our entire existence. or... it could all be irrelevant because we all get sucked into a man-made black hole. heh.
even though this experiment has been in the works for awhile, i was oblivious until david brought it to my attention a few weeks ago. since then, i've become a little obsessed and have been scouring the internet for the exact day (it's scheduled for next month) this is supposed to go down. still scouring...


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  1. let's try to have a nice dinner & cupcakes and wine before that day shall we? hmmmm....


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