democrats, pull yourselves together damn it!

April 4, 2008

save for clinton's universal health care reform (which, by the way, would never get passed in congress if she were elected), i haven't seen many glaring policy differences between clinton and obama. so it essentially comes down to character for me. i do maintain that clinton has been unfairly treated because the press believes being a racist would cause more politcal upheaval than being a misogynist. dear press, please start being above sensationalism. we get it. one's a black man and one's a white woman. can we move it along now? can we focus on who will be the better person for the job? k? thanks.
that said, i'm thoroughly annoyed by clinton's recent missteps and lies as well as her refusal to release her tax returns. she just seems shady. she's focused so much of her campaign on disclaiming obama while his campaign doesn't seem to focus nearly as much on debasing her. it also doesn't sit right with me that she's loyal to bill. but that's another emotion for another post.
but i'm not an 'obama girl' either. even though i'm uninterested in the bush-clinton-bush-clinton merry-go-round, i think of obama's inexperience as more worrisome than refreshing. i'm drawn to him because i'm so un-drawn to her... not necessarily because i find him all that inspiring (although i haven't read his books which i'm told are indeed very inspiring). but i guess i find him more likable and genuine than her, whatever that means regarding politicians. all in all, i think i am in agreement with alice walker and obama's many other celebrity endorsers that he is probably the best candidate at this time.
my views aside, the democratic party needs a candidate. the my-donkey-is-bigger-than-yours campaign competition needs to end. bush's approval rating is hovering at 30%, people! this is our chance for the change we're craving. and the democratic party is about to screw it up with its michigan and florida primaries confusion and superdelegate nonsense. the party risks not giving its constituents enough time to settle in and get cozy with their candidate in time for election day. while the gop is getting comfortable with johnny, we can't even decide how to count our delegates. don't get me started on mccain.


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