tuesday favorites.

March 13, 2012

-sesame tahini cookies. i'm intrigued.
- the best & easiest tomato sauce i'll ever have?
-thai veggie burgers. yumm!
-garlic bread pizza crust. drool.
-citrus beet salad with creamy avocado & lime dressing. (stacy, let's marry our citrus addiction with our forced love of beets. win!)
-evidence that eating fatty but spicy meals may be ok for the heart? skeptical but sometimes those rich north indian curries are hard to resist!
-15 things that are helpful tips in the kitchen (favorite- don't stress about the salt when home-cooking)

-jackie sent me this fun style challenge. j's heeding the call while i'm playing along the easy way with layers today. but i'm eager to try pattern mixing tomorrow. it scares & delights me.
-a site that hilariously makes fun of trendy but weird things.

-have y'all watched that short 'kony 2012' documentary yet? i haven't, but with all the buzz about it i feel like i need to. i just hate mad men who are filled with hatred & rage.
-candy filled thank you favors that would be so cute!
-i can't stop reading dear old love, a site with notes to old loves/crushes.
-keep the sparks flying in a long term relationship by meeting the other person directly at the restaurant instead of getting ready together like when you're first dating. love this small but easy thing.
-anti gravity pilates workout
-i like this lengthy, political rant.

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  1. You know it! And the style challenge?!? I'm in! :) xo


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