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February 29, 2012

{via-but i'm just fine thinking like a WOman, thank you very much!}

i blame leap day for this post's delay.

- rhubarb muffins with cardamom streusel topping. get in my belly!
- more muffin love- brown butter blueberry muffins need to happen quickly
- a calendar to eat seasonably

- your hair wants to go b-a-n-a-n-a-s!
- i've had a few glasses of water with some chlorophyll spiked powder, but this chlorella looks like a better vehicle for chlorophyll. have you heard all the health benefits of this green giant?
- how about some all natural perfumes!?

- jenny's at it again! this time, she shares an awesome tip to dazzle things up- a gold leaf pen! and she paints her lamp shade and shares how.
- love this art diy

- you did it for love, parrot. i understand. (via)
- i finally found a raincoat i love! it's only $200. :(
- i just came around to red lips, is hot pink a thing now too?

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  1. Oh yeah, I could totally see you in that jacket! I love these Tuesday posts! And I blame leap day for not reading this until Thursday!


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