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February 21, 2012

hi folks! rachel, sister of bestie stacy, is chasing her dream of being a country star! take a minute to see (and support if you can) her kickstarter project!

- do you like reses peanut butter cups as much as the mister does? if so, these chocolate maple cinnamon almond butter cups (say that three times fast!) look delicious?
- i LOVE basil rolls, and this wintery version looks accessible and delicious. ps- i love how heidi rolls- gourmet plane meals? yes please!
- i'm always in the market for work lunch ideas, and this looks like such a fun salad option (and i'm a sucker for anything in a mason jar).
- i just ran out of stacy's rosemary almonds this morning, so i'm excited to make tracy's orange spiced cashews.
- i won a giveaway (yay me!) on this inspiring site, and i'm so excited to start cooking from bittman's book.
- was your favorite restaurant nominated for any james beard awards?! d & i LOVE taqueria del sol, so it's cool to know it's in the running!

- i found this fitness site, and have been addicted to its fun yoga poses, including the headstand (my version includes the wall as my trusty partner).
- what doesn't apple cider vinegar do!? i may have to try this toner trick!

- i love how dear photograph captures these memories (via)
- video: how to look like ryan gosling. HILarious! (via)
- stacy, this jam labelizer is for you!! (via)
- a good post on how to make an emergency kit.. i need to get on this!

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  1. Aahhh, thanks for posting about Rachel! You're the best! omg, the jam labelizer?!?! You know me so well! :) And you know I have an emergency kit, right? And drinking water stored...it's hypochondria in another form. lol


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