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February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day! 
even though i've never been "into" valentine's day, i may be coming around to it this year with a little help from two of my dearest friends who sent me sweet valentine's day cards! it also helped to walk into work today and receive a pretty pink rose (what did i just say? i don't even like roses! i'm becoming such a girl, and i think i love it). today & every day, i'm so happy for all the crazy big love i'm surrounded by. i am oh so lucky. let's get to the favorites, shall we?

- two new to me food blogs (thanks to ashley!): my new roots (her cleanse looks totally manageable & the holiday cookbook looks amazing) & roost (rosemary & walnut flour crepes sound scrumptious.)
- speaking of ashley, i really must try to make these stuffed peppers with black crema.
- i'm a sucker for asian dressings, and this miso dressing looks so delicious!
- is everyone loving blood oranges right now or what? how about a blood orange pie?

- madewell's spring collection has loads of inspiration (via)
- i like this quirky fun triangle dress from secret squirrel (via)
- i so need to make these colorblock hoop earrings (via)

- quick, someone throw an oscar party with all these goodies!
- how to make a paper rose

- did you see google's charming homepage doodle? if you didn't catch it on the 14th, you should be able to see it in the doodles archive or on youtube.
- brooke from inchmark journal always creates the funnest valentine's day cards for her kids!
- i meant to post this last week, and now i'm sure you've seen it, but this video of kristen bell freaking out over a sloth had me rolling.
- week 6 of my picture a day project

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  1. Thanks, as usual, for keeping me up-to-date on all the cool things happening in the blogisphere! :) I heart you!


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