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January 2, 2011

because i plan my day around my meals, i thought i'd start sharing my 2011 goals with food. now i know i'm infamous for vowing to cook more, but this time i've got external motivation from the mister to be a more productive cook. so, i'll try my best to make many more homemade meals this year. over the past week, i've made indian-spiced potatoes, apple-cranberry cake and lentil soup. while everything was tasty, the cake was the biggest success and the easiest to make. try it for dessert with vanilla bean ice cream or even for breakfast with honey greek yogurt.

and here's what my belly wishes for in the very near future...

broccoli cheddar soup
caramel sea salt brownies
crescent jam and cheese cookies
curried cauliflower rice
lemony chickpea stir-fry
sweet potato & chipotle soup

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  1. Whoa, ok, caramel sea salt brownies??? I might have to try that in the near future too!


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