blog following 101.

July 7, 2010

a few people have inquired about how i am able to satisfy my blog following addiction. since i really have become an expert at stalking following several blogs, i wanted to address it for those that aren't yet part of this blog craze.

option 1-my blogroll choice is google reader. you just start subscribing to different sites and blogs that interest you. mine is organized by cooking sites, news sites, crafting sites, etc. whenever you visit the reader page, it'll be populated with updates and ready for your scrolling. it's handy, i'm telling you. and most importantly, it's easy. bloglines is a similar service that's just as effective.

option b- don't have time to be addicted to blog following or setting up a blogroll? (you're missing out!) but anyway, that's where a handy subscription widget comes in! for example, you'll see mine at the very bottom of this blog. you click the link to subscribe, click another confirmation once you get an email (check your spam!), and then poof, you'll get new post alerts! it's that easy. sometimes you'll see the widget as a form embedded on the blog, and sometimes it'll be a link.

so stay connected people.

the end.

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