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February 9, 2010

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today has been a tea day. yesterday was an off day. sunday was a recovery day. and saturday was mean and ugly. i got into a minor fender bender in the walgreens parking lot of all places. no one was hurt, no cars were severely damaged, so goody for that. and it was much more annoying than upsetting. you know what i mean? just having to deal with insurance and car repairs. boo. but alas. moving on. i was excited to drink and dine with friends we hadn't seen in a very long time. and the evening was just fantastic. then, overnight, i got hit with some nasty stomach bug! blast! so the weekend wasn't as happy and fancy free as i imagined it would be. but after complaining about my problems to my mom, she made me remember that my good stuff is much more significant than my bad stuff, and i should be happy about that. and like i read on a favorite photo blog today, "if everyone in the world put all their problems into a big pile and had to pick some out again, you'd happily scramble to pick up your own." so even though sometimes i'm all "woe is me," i should really be pretty darn happy since i'm a lucky girl.

happy tuesday!

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