happy twenty ten!

January 4, 2010

or are we saying "two thousand ten" because after all we didn't say "twenty-oh-nine"? the boughies discussed it last night, and i think the verdict is to use both phrases. mix it up. i dunno. they both sound wrong to me.

anyway, i hope you all had a fantastic holiday time and are ready for 2010! i think i am, but, you know, it's too early to tell.

some randomness for y'all....

::have you heard of or have i told you about maira kalman's lovely ny times blog, the pursuit of happiness? whimsical illustrations related to american politics and culture. december's final installment, 'by george,' is currently on the main page, but if you scroll to the bottom, you'll see all the previous monthly posts. check it out!

::npr published a list of 10 best cookbooks of 2009. and now i'm starved. oh, and i'd like all of them pretty please. but i know times are tough, and if you can only get me two, i'll take 'clean food' and the 'pleasure of cooking for one.' thanks.

::i'm currently scrolling through rolling stone's 100 best albums of the decade. radiohead takes the top spot... surprising to me, but i really like it. and overall, i liked a lot of artists mentioned but not necessarily the order.

::in an effort to both watch current movies in the theatre and more movies that d gets his hands on, we've recently seen: collapse and coco avant chanel (d watched these two and raved, but meds made me sleep), an education (lovely coming of age story), avatar (spectacular fantasy in 3D), the cove (converted me to a save-the-dolphins wannabe activist), the bad lieutenant (nicholas cage goes all bad cop-meh) and it might get loud (musician documentary that made me feel cool). i might be forgetting some. i think i'd recommend most of them dependent on your mood. gosh, i heart movies.
::finally, a teeny & generic hope list for myself in 2010 (in no order at all)
-exercise 4-5 times a week... at least more weeks than not.
-cook more. i'm already getting much better at this (ask d about the eggplant parm i/we made last week, thanks martha!), but i could stand to have less tofurkey sandwiches for my packed lunches.
-sew myself something pretty & wearable. take another sewing workshop. maybe two.
-create & craft more. give more handmade presents.
-read more books. (especially three cups of tea & nina simone's autobiography)
-dress more chic & fun. (along these basic lines)
-explore cheap entertainment options.. we've already been good with the botanical gardens, but i say we need more options.
-take more (and more interesting) pictures (and play with my lomo camera more!)
-save & invest more.
-train bella not to jump on people. (this will not happen, but it's my hope list damn it.)
-volunteer more.
-cut down on my control freak/unnecessarily perfectionist tendencies. (another debatable one.)


  1. Have I told you lately that I heart you? And your new header picture?! So cute!! I love Bella's little profile. :P

  2. Happy New Year, lady! Hope it's a good one for you :)This is a great list. I wish I could invest and save more too...

  3. The eggplant parmesan was sooooo yummy. :)


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