carpe diem.

January 29, 2010

acs laid me off. acs expanded its financial planning & analysis team. acs executives strongly urged me to apply for an open analyst position within this new department. i applied. i had 5 interviews (yes, i thought this was overkill). and yesterday, i unofficially accepted the position! i start the new post in two weeks. when i made the above pro v con list (i so love the black and white definitiveness of lists), i wasn't as informed about the position. after learning more over the past couple of weeks, i'm a little more excited than maybe the original list conveys though it's still very valid and true to how i feel. i'll be assigned to all the medical-y departments (cancer control, health disparities, and research-the biggest). so essentially, i'll help these departments maintain their budgets and effectively allocate monies to projects (sounds boring, i know). anyway, i'm happy (and lucky) to be employed and feel stable again. and i'm happy to be learning new skills while supporting the departments that motivated me to work for acs in the first place. win. win.

so, suck it recession!!

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  1. P.S. I love the pro and con that include fractions to describe the coworkers you enjoy working with. he he he...makes me miss you a ton!


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