bloody thursday.

January 7, 2010

:: first the workplace shooting that killed 3 and injured 5 in st. louis. the catalyst might have been related to retirement plan administration. depressing.
:: second, an ohio schoolbus carrying special needs children collided with a tanker truck killing 5 and injuring 7. tragic.
:: third, a lady was found burned beyond recognition in miami. (ok this was wednesday but work with me) unfathomable.
:: fourth, two blackwater security guards were arrested on murder charges for shooting two afghan civilians. and maybe the un's urging will result in further investigation.
:: and recently, when i think of blood, i think of the ongoing and unnecessary dolphin slaughters in the aforementioned waters of the cove in taiji, japan.

is it me or has the world gone mad? with anger. with fear. with it all. terrorists, suspected terrorists, suspicious packages, and even goodbye kisses?

end rant.

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