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November 20, 2009

-see ya, oprah. i know i'm in the minority here, but i've never really liked her, so i won't miss her. that said, i do recognize & appreciate when her influence has affected positive change.
-somalia signed on, but we're standing our ground. we, the greatest country in the world, still don't care about child rights.
-ugh, h1n1, i'm so over you.
- while i don't condone cigarette manufacturers (i'd be fired if i did!), i don't necessarily agree that they take the blame for smokers who develop emphysema. in this day and age, if you don't know the risks, you're an idiot. i mean what's next, we're going to sue alcohol manufacturers for drunk driving?
-i'm broke and can't afford the ludicrous prices of movie theatre concessions, but now i'm even more ok with it: "movie popcorn plus soda can equal 3 mcdonald's burgers" eeeps!
-women's health has had a rough week: in short, keep up with your mammograms. my employer says so. new guidelines for cervical cancer screenings are pending.
-10 year-old won't take shower. consequence? taser, of course. you can't make this shit up, people.
-the creator of the smiley face only made $45 off his invention! see others that got squat for their creations.

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