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February 3, 2009

-senator dacshle withdrew! while i believe that was the right thing to do, it worries me that many of obama's picks (see killefer and geithner) are plagued with tax issues. these people can afford car services, yet they can't afford an intelligent tax man? doubt it. even more worrisome is obama's inability to recognize when to dismiss tainted nominees and move the process along. b, some of your picks have been questionable at best. you better have a solid plan.
-texting while driving kills. resist the urge.
-forget about the superbowl porn glitch. my homeland thinks you should be jailed for a smooch! even if you are married! thank goodness for the surprisingly sane judge.
-times are tough, but don't fall for scams. especially stupid shit like cash 4 gold.
-batman, you've really disappointed me. i actually though better of you. silly me. you're even douchier than phelps. sigh.
-corporate greed, you disgust me.

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